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Musical ‘Mixologists’ Steve Spall & The Violet Jive offer up a voluptuous tiki style cocktail of sounds, blending styles and eras into one colourfully intoxicating hit ...Late night Swing/Jazz, raucous Rock 'n' Roll, otherwordly Latin Exotica, earthy Funk/Soul & Alternative/Blues. Catchy songs, hot rhythms, dark riffs and lyrical imagery but with the musical skills and licks of even the hippest hepcats!

The dynamic trio features Paulo Beeching -Double Bass and Matt Wilson -Drums alongside Spallington's lush vocals and 'Spy-esque' swing guitar prowess ...often featuring additional musicians/guests including Sax, Trumpet, Latin Percussionist and even a Belly Dancer on previous theatre/cabaret style shows!...A sound and vibe both fresh and retro.

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Hot Originals & Cool Covers...
Hot originals sets and a super cool array of carefully selected covers also at their fingertips mean the band have a wildly versatile set up and busy gigging schedule ...bars, venues, festivals, events and parties across the UK, including a recent support slot for grammy winning, multi platinum Jazz/Soul voice Gregory Porter. The band also have two originals albums available and various download only tracks, see below for more info...


Far Flung’ (2008/Pitch-Ray Records) (Album)

'Rhythm Mythology’ (2012/Pitch-Ray Records) (Album)

'Paper Flowers' (2014 /Pitch-Ray Records) (Single) (Download)

'Venus As a Boy' (Originally by Bjork) (2014 /Pitch-Ray Records) (Single) (Download)

"...these musicians have mastered the art of the irresistible toe-tap and their songs transport you somewhere hot and wanton within the first few bars. With the smooth vocal of front man Steve Spall, The Violet Jive are achingly cool and their music should appeal to just about anybody with functioning ears and a pulse. Wherever they’re going, they’re doing it in style."
-SO Tunbridge Wells magazine, January 2012.

Influences & Inspiration...
Movies, Movies, Movies! (where great music from all eras often gets discovered) ...aside from influencing their original music, most of the Jive's covers set features songs from films like Pulp Fiction, The Jungle Book and countless other screen gems. Swing, Latin/Salsa, Rock 'n' Roll, Alternative, Blues, Gypsy Jazz, Exotica, Hip -Hop, ...fave groups of past and present include Stray Cats, Beastie Boys, Nat King Cole (early trio), Alice In Chains, Ella Fitzgerald, Caravan Palace, Wes Montgomery, Soundgarden, Django Reinhardt, PJ Harvey, Buddy Holly, Gotan Project, Ry Cooder, Buena Vista Social Club, Tom Waits, Portishead, JD Mcpherson, ...and Beyond.

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